Truck Repair Services

“We provide a cost-free way for your customers to extend their payment terms”

Trufco pays 100% of your customers’ invoice amount, which allows you the peace of mind of knowing you get paid right away for the work you do. This means no more waiting for clients to pay, or hoping that they don’t neglect to pay. Our flexible payment services are simple and easy to use and we help get your customers back on the road as quickly as possible by financing their unexpected expensive vehicle repairs. Our goal is to create mutually beneficial business with our affiliated truck repair centers. By offering your customers our service, you will see an increase in clientele because the ability to finance repair jobs is very valuable and, additionally, we are able to offer financing on pre-financed vehicles. We will also be advertising our services in a variety of ways and on several different platforms. Our affiliates are posted on our website and we refer truck drivers looking for our services to repair centers through our referral database. If a client or potential client of ours approaches us with an issue, we will delegate his or her problem to the closest affiliate to them.